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Centaur Carbon Elite

Centaur Carbon Elite
Centaur Carbon Elite


Centaur Archery
104 Highland Drive
Corvallis, MT 59828
- USA -

Centaur Carbon Elite

  • Bow Model: Carbon Elite
  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Recommended Brace Height: The recommended brace height is 7 inches and is measured from the string to the first lamination on the belly side of the limb.

  • Centaur Carbon Elite
  • Riser:
  • Geometry: slightly deflexed
  • Grip-Style: medium low pistol type grip with finger grooves
  • Materials: charcoal silvertone Dymondwood
  • Length (Fade-Out to Fade-Out): 16-1/2 inches
  • Sight Window Height: 3 inches
  • Center Cut: cut to center

  • Centaur Carbon Elite
  • Limbs:
  • Shape and Cross-Section: Reflexed limbs with a trapezoid cross-section, that is wider at the belly side
  • Materials:

    Two tapered layers of ActionBoo on the back side of the bow and a parallel layer of Maple ActionWood on the belly side are used for the construction of the limb core. The lamination on the back of the bow is Jim's own lay-up from carbon fibers and a woven matrix on the surface for protection and a sophisticated look. His specially engeneered hybrid lamination, designed to withstand high compression forces, covers the belly side.

  • Tip Overlays: Red micarta with a top layer of black multi directional fiber glass is the material of choice for the limb tip reinforcing overlays.
  • Width at Fade-out: 1-1/4 inches
  • Width below String Groove: 5/8 inches

  • Centaur Carbon Elite
  • Physical Weight (complete bow): 21 oz
  • Centaur Carbon Elite
  • Finish: For moisture protection the bow is sprayed with five coats of Thunderbird two-part epoxy, which also provides a non-reflective surface, suitable for hunting.
  • Centaur Carbon Elite
  • Supplied String: Dynaflight 97 string material is used to build the flemish twist string with padded loops, that is supplied with the bow.

Centaur Carbon Elite

  • Brace Height for Testing: 7 inches
  • Draw Length for Testing: 28 inches
  • Draw Weight: 51 lbs @ 28 inches
  • Stored energy ( ft-lbs): 45.61
  • Stored energy per pound of draw weight (ft-lbs/lbs): 0.9
  • Arrow Weight (grains): 457
  • Arrow Speed (feet per second): 195
  • Kinetic Energy of arrow (ft-lbs): 38.6
  • Dynamic efficiency (%): 84.6
  • Centaur Carbon Elite
  • Testing Parameters:

    A force-draw curve was obtained from the reviewed bow, using a digital force gauge with a resolution of 0.1 lbs. Measured bow weight was rounded to the next half pound.
    The different arrow speeds were achieved with the bow shot from a shooting machine with a mechanical release. The string was pulled to 28 inches A.T.A. (formerly A.M.O.) which is 26-1/4 inches from the string to the deepest point of the grip.
    The (3) arrows for the speed testing had a weight of 9 grains per pound of measured (not stated) draw weight. Speed measurements were taken 3 feet in front of the back of the bow with two chronographs set up in a tandem configuration. Each arrow was shot a minimum of 6 times and overall achieved speeds were rounded to the next whole digit.
    The bow was set up with my standard 16 strand Fast-Flight string, that features one metal crimp-on nocking point locator but no other attachments, like silencers, kisser button, etc.
    Note: Numerous tests over the years showed that arrow speeds achieved with my finger release, using a clicker, run 5 fps lower on average, than the arrow speeds with a mechanical release.

  • Centaur Carbon Elite

Centaur Carbon Elite