A&H Archery ACS-CX A&H Archery ACS-CX

A&H Archery ACS-CX

A&H Archery ACS-CX
A&H Archery ACS-CX


A&H Archery Inc.
P.O. Box 187
Marne, MI  49435
- USA -

  • Bow Model: ACS-CX Take-Down
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Recommended Brace Height: 6 - 7 inches

  • A&H Archery ACS-CX
  • Riser:
  • Geometry: reflexed
  • Grip-Style: medium high pistol type grip
  • Materials:

    Multiple layers of black and white glass and three layers of highly figured bocote, for the overlay, the center and the grip area, are laid up and bonded in an aluminium mold, before the riser is shaped on a CNC milling machine. The arrangement of the contrasting layers of wood and fiberglass not only makes for a pleasing optical appearance. But more importantly, it provides sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure that there's no loss in dynamic efficiency due to slight bending and deforming of the riser, when the string is released.

  • Length (End-to-Endt): 14 inches
  • Sight Window Height: 2-1/2 inches
  • Center Cut: 3/16 inches past center
  • Finish: Thunderbird epoxy finish

  • A&H Archery ACS-CX
  • Limbs:
  • Shape and Cross-Section: Reflexed limbs with patented Adcock- Cross-Section (ACS) and rounded-off edges
  • Materials:

    The ACS-CX (Carbon eXtreme) limbs are glued up from two different layers of carbon on the belly side, three thin layers of ActionBoo for the limb core and two different layers of carbon on the back side. The limb wedges are ground from black glass.

  • Tip Overlays: The limb tip overlays consist of two layers of black micarta and a layer of black glass.
  • Width at Fade-out: 1-3/16 inches
  • Width below String Groove: 23/32 inches
  • Finish: Thunderbird epoxy finish

  • A&H Archery ACS-CX
  • Take-Down-System:

    Steel limb bolts, black anodized aluminium bezels and black synthetic washers in conjunction with a threaded steel bushing in the riser are used to mount the limbs securely to the riser. Reliable, proper limb alignment is achieved with two blind holes in the mounting section of each limb and two steel pins on each end of the riser.

  • A&H Archery ACS-CX
  • Supplied String: according to the draw weight either a 12 -14 strand Dynaflite 97 or a 16-18 strand BCY 8125 Flemish twist string is furnished with the bow.
  • A&H Archery ACS-CX

A&H Archery ACS-CX

  • Brace Height for Testing: 6-1/2 inches
  • Draw Length for Testing: 28 inches
  • Draw Weight: 47 lbs @ 28 inches
  • Stored energy ( ft-lbs): 43.43
  • Stored energy per pound of draw weight (ft-lbs/lbs): 0.92
  • Arrow Weight (grains): 425
  • Arrow Speed (feet per second): 197
  • Kinetic Energy of arrow (ft-lbs): 36.63
  • Dynamic efficiency (%): 84.3
  • A&H Archery ACS-CX
  • Testing Parameters:

    A force-draw curve was obtained from the reviewed bow, using a digital force gauge with a resolution of 0.1 lbs. Measured bow weight was rounded to the next half pound.
    The different arrow speeds were achieved with the bow shot from a shooting machine with a mechanical release. The string was pulled to 28 inches A.T.A. (formerly A.M.O.) which is 26-1/4 inches from the string to the deepest point of the grip.
    The (3) arrows for the speed testing had a weight of 9 grains per pound of measured (not stated) draw weight. Speed measurements were taken 3 feet in front of the back of the bow with two chronographs set up in a tandem configuration. Each arrow was shot a minimum of 6 times and overall achieved speeds were rounded to the next whole digit.
    The bow was set up with my standard 16 strand Fast-Flight string, that features one metal crimp-on nocking point locator but no other attachments, like silencers, kisser button, etc.
    Note: Numerous tests over the years showed that arrow speeds achieved with my finger release, using a clicker, run 5 fps lower on average, than the arrow speeds with a mechanical release.

A&H Archery ACS-CX